FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

about WS water conditioners (Water Engineering)

What is the difference between the WS water conditioner and an electronic water softener with induction coils?

Primarily, the difference is in the method of power transmission into the water. Such a water softener has one or more induction coils wounded on the pipe. Thus, the pipe becomes the induction coil core. The water pipe is made from ordinary carbon steel with very low magnetic permeability. Therefore, signal loss can be more than 100-300 times greater for such an induction coil.

WS water conditioner transfers the signal to the pipe with the magnet core ring assembled from ferrite plates. The plates are made from an advanced ferroalloy, which provides minimal loss of power during transmission into water - less than 2%.

This means that the purchase of the WS water conditioner is more profitable even if the electronic water softener with induction coils costs 10 times less because your investment will be 10-30 times more effective with WS water conditioner.

What is the difference from the WS water conditioner to Hydroflow?

The WS water conditioner uses a new method of water treatment. The WS water conditioner generates batches of pulses (packages) with specially selected parameters. As a result, the cluster formation into the water occurs not only at the aqueous solution resonant frequencies, but also at frequencies close to resonances.

WS has emitter with original design and ferrite plates made from an advanced material with minimal losses. This allows achievement of maximum efficiency of power transmission into the water.

WS is equipped with an extended self-test block. It measures the signal level and outputs its value to a digital indicator. In the case of incorrect mounting or contingencies, the device creates visual and audio notifications. This allows mounting the water conditioner and monitoring its work without using special measuring devices, thereby reducing the skill requirements of the installer and the maintenance staff.

What kind of device can be used to test the WS water conditioner?

To test the WS water conditioner, specific devices or diagnostic equipment are not required.

The WS water conditioner is equipped with a self-diagnostic block. In case of contingencies (the signal level reducing or overheating) you will get audio notifications and incorrect values on the display will flash.

How often should I check the operation of WS water conditioner?

The water conditioner should be checked periodically, but usually no more often than other equipment, such as sensors and other automation components.

If the device is installed on the pipeline where vibrations exist, or indoor temperature changes occur periodically, or there is high humidity, checking the tightness of plastic bolts at least once every two months is recommended.

One year has passed. How do you make sure that the signal level of the water conditioner is the same as new?

Very easily. Note the signal level value. Later look at the actual level and compare with noted level.

Is it possible to carry out WS water conditioner maintenance by myself?

Yes. You can perform maintenance on the WS water conditioner by yourself.

What are the operating costs of WS water conditioner?

The WS water conditioner does not contain moving or wearing parts. With the proper maintenance, you do not need to refill, replace or to buy anything.

The WS water conditioner should work all the time if there is water in the pipe.

Switch it off when welding the pipe system and performing other jobs. The water conditioner’s power consumption is less than 10 Watt.

Inspection of WS water conditioner consists of checking the signal level and tightening (if required) plastic bolts.

How to choose a WS water conditioner model? Do you go to the customer?

Choosing a model of WS electronic water softener and its location is unique in each particular case. We make the matching model. Fast and free.

On the basis of information provided by the customer, we define the installation point and the model. In complicated cases, we ask the customer to make a picture of some points or we go to the customer.

Of course, the device should be properly selected by power and mounted correctly. Otherwise, you will not get the guaranteed effect.

How are the delivery and installation carried out?

We deliver devices using a transport company or courier service at our expense.

We can install the water conditioner or the customer can do it himself in accordance with the technical documentation. The mounting is performed without stopping the equipment.

The customer can get free technical support by phone, e-mail, Skype.

What is the warranty?

WS electronic water softener warranty is 2 years. Its life time - 10+ years.

Why I need to protect the equipment if it is cleaned regularly?

Limescale deposition inside boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment is costly for the customer. The cleaning cost itself is a small fraction of those costs. Energy losses between cleanings and unproductive downtime during cleaning cause considerable damage to companies. Furthermore, breakage and damage usually occur during cleaning, which reduce the service life of boiler and heat exchange equipment.

Mechanical cleaning, use of acids, and other aggressive cleaning methods damage the surfaces of heat exchangers plate and pipes. On the rough surface the new limescale eats into the surface better. It grows considerably faster and becomes harder, causing more losses to the company.

Using the WS water conditioner will increase the interval between the boiler and heat exchange equipment cleaning, simplify the cleaning process, and drastically reduce the use of chemicals to remove scale and sediments.

What water treatment system is more efficient, WS or chemicals?

Both systems are effective. The choice depends on economic calculation and responsibility to the environment. The use of WS water conditioner minimizes the consumption of chemicals and in some cases completely abandons them.