The purpose and use of WS water conditioner

Solid deposits, or limescale, may form inside pipes and various equipment that have contact with water during operation. The limescale growth is particularly intense in heating and water evaporation areas, such as boiler tubes in heat exchangers, evaporators, and other equipment.

Limescale narrows pipe cross-sections, which often causes local overheating and damages equipment. It is tens to hundreds of times less thermally conductive than steel, so even a thin limescale layer can dramatically reduce boiler and heat exchanger efficiencies.

Equipment cleaning is a time-consuming process that requires shutting down and disassembling the equipment. Cleaning without following proper protocols often damages the equipment.

Limescale is formed when the soluble calcium ions, magnesium, carbonate ions, and sulphate ions in water crystallize on pipe and equipment surfaces.

The WS electronic water conditioner prevents limescale from depositing on the inner surfaces of pipes, boilers, and heat exchangers. It promotes the removal of the existing deposits and inhibits internal corrosion.

Using the WS water softener can reduce downtime, fuel/energy costs, and increase equipment maintenance intervals. It also simplifies the cleaning process and extends equipment service life.