Installation of the WS water conditioner.

So, you have already determined the proper location of the WS water conditioner installation. And for you all is clear. Ok, let’s begin the installation!

The WS water conditioner is installed on a pipe.

The WS water conditioner is installed on a pipe. (model WS-62)

The water conditioner assembly diagram for example of the WS-62 model.

The water conditioner assembly diagram for example of the WS-62 model.

Insert clamps through the slots ("legs") on the water conditioner body, set the water conditioner at the selected location, and moderately secure fastening clamps so that you can move the device along the pipes.

Holding the first ferrite plate (do not drop, they are fragile), begin to gather the magnetic core (ring) from the plates in a "checkerboard" manner. One plate on over the previous, the next - under it. At this point, tighten the bolts but not too strongly.

Install ALL the ferrite plates, which are included. The sagging (space between the pipe) of the ring, assembled from ferrite plates, is allowed. At the end of the assembly, tighten the plastic bolts. Confidently, but do not disrupt the thread!

Conveniently locate the power supply on a wall, for example, and connect the WS water conditioner to AC 110V or 220V.

Turn on the power and let the device run for a few minutes. After the self-test (a few seconds), the signal value will display. Within a few minutes the device will "warm up" and the signal value will increase slightly.

Thereafter, please slightly move the electronic water softener along a pipe, to 15-20 cm (1/2 – 3/4 ft.), to one and to the other side (in the direction towards and against the water flow). You will notice that at some points the signal value is somewhat greater than in other places. This is due to "standing waves" of electromagnetic waves present in the pipeline. By slightly moving the device, you are "fine tuning" - finding the position with the highest signal level. Move the water conditioner to this position and fully tighten clamps.

If in the future the pipeline system will be modified, after these changes please repeat the selection of position with the highest signal level.



  1. Do not turn on the power to the device without the ferrite plates. Without a load the water conditioner can quickly overheat and break down.

  2. Number and type of ferrite plates must strictly conform to the model. Do not remove or add additional ferrite plates. This will violate the signal parameters of the device.