WS water conditioner features

Water treatment features

WS water conditioner treat the water with packets of specially selected electromagnetic pulses. Such treatment cause the repeated formation and destruction of structures in water. It leads to more intensive formation of clusters in the water, and, consequently, to more effective formation of suspended limescale microcrystals than the analogue. Read more: principle of operation of WS water conditioner

Design features

  1. ferrite plate

    ferrite plate

    The ferrites. WS water conditioners belong to the so-called "ferritic" devices for water treatment. The use of magnetic core as a dismountable ring is their feature. Ferrite ring is made of special alloy, which ensures minimum losses during transmission of electromagnetic field energy into the water.

    Properties of the material (ferrite), the geometric dimensions of the ring and plates from which it is assembled, directly affect the efficiency of energy transfer. We use advanced material for the ferrite plates.

    The dimensions of the ferrite plates are chosen so to minimize the loss of energy inside the individual plates, and inside the whole ferrite ring. This helps to improve the efficiency of water treatment.

    It should be noted that despite its apparent simplicity, to produce a ferrite with desired properties is not easy. And expensive. Raw material prepared thoroughly. It is a mixture of iron oxide, manganese oxide and zinc oxide. In addition to exact observance of the proportions, all components of the mixture should have a well-defined grain size. The product is obtained by pressing. Then the "raw" ferrite fired in a kiln. Than cool and finally polish.

    The ferrite probably can be called "capricious" material. Everything is affected on its properties - the composition of the mixture, the particle size uniformity, mode pressing, the humidity of the air during the compression mode, the heating mode and time, the cooling mode and time.

  2. The emitter. The WS water conditioner has an emitter with an original design that improves water treatment efficiency. Our emitter have higher intensity of the magnetic field, especially when working on plastic pipes. Plastic pipes are used more and more often in the engineering systems of modern buildings and in swimming pools water treatment systems. We try to keep up with the times.

  3. signal level

    signal level

    Modern digital device. The WS water conditioner is based on modern high-speed microcontroller. We can create programs of varying complexity according to the characteristics of the treated water. An analogue do not have such an option.

  4. The indicator. The WS water conditioner measure signal parameters, induced on the pipe with water, and continuously monitor them. This is convenient for the consumer, installer and Service Company. This reduces employee qualification requirements and significantly reduces the time between contingency and contingency elimination.