Model selection

of the WS water conditioner (Water Engineering)

Customers can select the WS water conditioner model themselves or can entrust the choice to us.

If you have already defined a place for WS water conditioner installation, then you can choose the model according to the pipe diameter at the mounting location. Do not forget to consider pipe temperature at the mounting location. If it is higher than 158F (+70°C), you should put heat insulation between the water conditioner body and the pipe. Note that the heat insulation has some thickness.

Every case has nuances. Therefore, despite the apparent simplicity of the electronic water softener model selection, we suggest you to entrust this choice to us. We will select the model and quickly determine the proper location for mounting the electronic water softener, free-of-charge.


For the preparation of solution, please, provide the following:

  • Functional diagram (block diagram), or a simplified drawing, even one made by hand;
  • Specify pumps, filters, tanks, valves, instrumentation, feed water inlet on the diagram;
  • Indicate length (approximately) and diameter of the main pipe, water temperature (approximately);
  • A brief description of the problem (where there is more limescale, it’s composition, hardness, color, how often you clean it);
  • Analysis of the make-up water or at least the nature of the source (municipal, river, well, etc.);
  • What purification methods and reagent types are used.


In complicated cases, we ask the customer to take a picture of some points of the system or go to the customer.


If you installed the device yourself, please send us a photo of the mounted device and indicator readings. Please also take a picture, better from a distance. Let us see the installed device and 6-16ft. (2-5 meters) of the pipe before and after the installed device.

How it’s done

(the road map)

  • 1. Beginning. Awaiting the drawing, water analysis, problem description from you (the customer).
  • 2. Working on solution. Selection of model and location.
  • 3. Purchase and delivery. We deliver quickly and accurately.
  • 4. Mounting. It takes just a few minutes. Everything you need is included.
  • 5. Checking. Please send us a photo of installed device and indicator readings.

water conditioner model selection